Welcome To The Best Funk Songs!

Welcome to the site! Here you will discover the best funk songs of all time. These are the greatest top 100 funk songs that you can get your hands on.

Covering the finest 70s funk, 80s funk, 80s groove and boogie music, disco funk and jazz funk classics. Basically if it's funky music it will be on here!

What To Expect

In compiling this list, we have limited it to songs that are either funk or have a strong funk element to them. So you will not found pure disco or soul, but you will find cross genres such as disco funk and soul/ funk blends. The funk is important!

This is the perfect playlist of songs you can include in a 70's or 80's themed party. There are plenty of party songs and funk party classics in here too!

Gimme Some Funk!

The main emphasis on this list however is to create the list of the best funks songs ever. Whether they are fast party songs or slow groovers. Something for everything occasion.

Music that comes from the best funk bands and artists of all time. Funky music is the one!

So let's get under way and start seeing which funk songs have made our list of the greatest of all time. How many of these songs do you know?

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